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Vibrating Conveyor System
                The products falling on the conveyor from the washing chamber are rinsed with clean water by the
         rinse nozzles. The remaining particles  fall down from the perforated sheet  bottom of the conveyor by the
         effect of vibration. A second filter, located at this point allows the particles to leave the system directly.
         Finally the water, which is free of undesirable particles, is taken to the feed hopper and from there goes to
         the wash hopper for reuse. At the same time, washed and rinsed products are poured into the unloading
         basket with the effect of vibration. The  vibrating conveyor  does not return like the other non-toxic conveyor
         belts. Returning  belts always leave certain quantities  particles, sand and dirt in the washing chamber.

                Washing Capacity
                The vegetable washing machine with vibrating conveyor is designed for continuous operation by
         continuous  feeding  300  kg  of  light  vegetables.  600  kg  heavy  vegetables  and  fruits    can  be  washed
         per hour.

                Bacterial Hygienic Washing
                The product pass from washing chamber to the vibrating conveyor during this operation product also
         washed by 9 fresh water nozzles. Disinfection of the products is ensured with the help of the pump connected
         to the disinfectant inlet.

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