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SYM-300 Vibrating Conveyor

                                 VEGETABLE WASHING MACHINE

                Washing system
                The  products  entering  the  machine  continuously  rotate  around  themselves  and  also  the  washing
        chamber with the effect of the high pressure water,then going about 10 meters and fall to the vibration
        conveyor. High pressure in the washing chamber  ensure excellent hygienic-bacterial  condition and perfect
        washing results. Unwanted particles, dirt and sand, which are separated from the product in the washing
        chamber, pass through the filter in the bottom of the chamber and enter the sinking channel. Since the water
        in this channel is stable they can not mix with the washing system and they leave the system  through the
        discharge valve. The channels at the upper limit of the washing chamber is designed to automatic discharge
        of the unwanted particles and insects. The clean water coming from
        the rinse nozzles is used instead of the dirty water discharged from
        the system. Machine works continuously with clean water.

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